Different Confessions, Different Visions of Heaven? Visual Eschatology and Confessional Identity Marking in the Picture Motet ‘The Adoration of the Lamb’ and in Its Reception

Recently, I had quite a pleasant surprise when I opened my (physical) mailbox. Routledge sent me the a hard copy of Grażyna Jurkowlaniec’s and Magdalena Herman’s edited volume entitled he Reception of the Printed Image in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries. The volume goes back of a series of papers presented in an amazing conference in Warsaw, The Reception of Printed Image in 15th and 16th Centuries in 2018. It was a very exciting project to track down the quite distinct iconography of Sadeler’s and Wighne’s pictural motet. The reception goes across confessional borders, Europe and even beyond. The evidence is spread over the Holy Roman Empire, The Netherlands, Sweden, Italy and in Armenia. If you would like a copy of my paper, drop me a line.