Presentation at the 2nd LERU Conference in Theology and Religious Studies

In a couple of days, I will brake up to Lund to prarticipate at the 2nd LERU (League of Research Universities) Conference in Theology and Religious Studies. The idea beyond this meeting is to bring together established and jung scholars of theology and religious studies and discuss their presented projects also in light of possible funding opportunities.

I promised to present on the “Migrant Popes in the Liber Pontificalis“, but, as in research it should be, I came across something extraordinary. This ‘extraordinary’ is nothing else but the exordium (intro) of the Contra Marcionem (Against Marcion) penned by the notorious Tertullian. Extraordinary is not so much the way how Tertullian treating Marcion in order to prepare for his argument (spoiler: not nicely), but rather the argument itself. The North African presents there Marcion as a ‘migrant’, who is therefore more barbarian as the barbarians. And he did it in an almost two pages long ethnographic ‘excursion’ in the typical vitriolic Tertullian-style. I look forward for the discussion on the paper “Marcion, the Migrant”.