JbAC Special Issue on Migration is out!

The feeling is incomparable: the fruits of many years of hard work now in hands. The idea of a panel on migration has begun in a discussion with Samuel Cohen at NAPS 2018 in Chicago. 4 years later, after a pandemic, a lot of up and downs, here it is, the printed special issue of the renowned Jahrbuch für Antike und Christentum on “Migration and Rhetoric in Late Antiquity”. The volume contains an introductionary essay penned by Sam and I followed by six reseach articles of eminent scholars shifting frontiers of migration studies in Late Anqituity. My paper deals with inner Christian conflicts arose due to the migration of various Christian groups. If you are interested, just click here, the paper is open access.

Here is the TOC:

Samuel Cohen / András Handl
Introduction. The rhetorical migrant and migration in rhetoric in Late Antiquity (p. 111-117)

András Handl
All roads lead to conflict? Christian migration to Rome circa 200 (p. 118-138)

Samuel Cohen
Nostra civitas. Heresy, charity, and community in fifth-century Rome (p. 139-160)

Éric Fournier
»The battalions of impiety«. Victor of Vita’s rhetorical strategies
and perspective on the Vandal migration as a religious event (p. 161-177)

Maijastina Kahlos
The handmaid’s tale in a fourth-century format. Ausonius and Bissula (p. 178-187)

Felicity Harley-McGowan
Magi in motion. The making of an image in early Christian Rome (p. 188-216)

Jennifer W Knust
Where did John baptize? From Bethany to Bethabara and back again (p. 217-239)