Prestigeous FWO Postoctoral Fellowship Received

Now it is official: My senoir postdoctoral research fellowship application at Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) was successful, although the compatiotion was really tought. The project entitled “Stolen, shattered, demolished. Physical violence towards materialised ‘sacred’ in late antique inner-Christian conflicts” and it going to be realised between 2020-2023 at the Faculty of Theology and Religious […]

Heiligt der Zweck alle Mittel? Legitimationsstrategien von (göttlicher) Gewalt bei Gregor von Tours

This was the title of my presentation on an expert’s workshop focusing on the legitimatisation of ‘religous’ violence in Antiquity (“Religiöse (De-)Legitimationsansätze von Gewalt in der Antike”) at the Johannes Gutenberg Universität in Mainz. (During my stay I re-realised that Gutenberg is an adopted name; he was called originally “Gensfleisch” [i.e. Goosemeat]. I can understand […]